Bills Family Network

"The importance of networking can not be underestimated. Many of us only come together one time each year. I would imagine that some of us work in a field that could, at some point, prove useful to another member of our family" .  

Dan Currier, 2003 Reunion Chairperson


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Carter, Jack & Jackie
30 Fourth Street
Waterford, NY 12188
I (Jack)  work for the New York State Attorney General's Office as a
Database Programmer Analyst II. That's a fancy title for computer
programmer. I actually am a project manager. My management philosophy is
"If I'm working, the people who work for me aren't working hard enough!
Actually I know something about database design and application
construction. I've also dabbled in datacomm, networking and various
other computer related areas.

Jackie works for the NYS Division of Parole. So if Matt Higgins can't
help you stay out of jail she can at least keep track of when you'll get
out. Jackie is a Senior Personnel Administrator. After working  as a
secretary and aide she has moved into the professional track with 30
years of service as an employee of the great state of NY.

Carter, Tom
Academic Specialist
Director, MSU LASER Laboratory
Department of Chemistry
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1322
(517) 355-9715 x280

Anyone want to learn CEM262-Quantitative Analysis? My second lecture
starts just over an hour from now: you've hardly missed anything, yet!
What!? No takers? I'm bummed...

But seriously, I run the LASER Lab, do computer and network
administration, computer graphics and database design, document
preparation (I just finished our Department's Graduate Brochure), and,
oh yeah, I teach, too.

But I can't get you out of jail, in NYC or anywhere else. And don't ask
me how to get that stain out of your carpet, either. Damn! I'm useless.

Currier, Dan
Web Hosting and Design

Finn, Kevin
I'll be moving to CA soon. Game plan is to take the bar in Feb. and begin studies in
electrical engineering and computer science. Tom Carter, I may need a tutor. Goal is to shift career over to intellectual property and patent law with international emphasis. Why CA and not AZ...met this great gal, time to make a commitment. Kids doing great. Both in "real school" now. Will be heading over to Ireland in Jan. and again in Sept., coordinating a rugby tour. Yes Mom, I still play rugby.

Hancock, Kate (Carter) Analyst
DHS Audits and Investigations
Medical Review Branch
(916) 323-4554

I work for the California Department of Health Services.  I am currently in
the Audits and Investigations Division taking a bite out of Medi-Cal Fraud
crime!  I am more than happy to assist the family in any way possible, but
unfortunately the only way I could ever be of any assistance is if you are a
fraudulent Medi-Cal provider in California and the department is slapping
you on the wrist.  I could take a look at the sanctions against you and
plead your case.

Higgins, Matt    Lake Peekskill NY 

   About 1 1/2 years ago I retired from the NYPD. Twenty years there was enough. I took a truck driving job with an excavating company and the boss told me to learn all I could because in 2 years he wanted to make me a boss. Well 6 months later I'm the boss and running a crew of guys doing million dollar jobs throughout Westchester and Putnam counties. I still have some calls in NYC but Joe Yattaw would be the one to get you out of jail quicker than I could.


Margaret (Early) McMahan
18 Surry Drive
Ballston Lake, New York 12065

I provide math and reading tutoring services at my home.
I hold 3 NYS teaching certificates: Math 7-12, Reading k-12, Prek-6 and am currently a full time teacher at Shenendehowa Central School District.


Vallee, Kay (Bills) 

  Currently a music teacher and Department Coordinator in the Cohoes City School District. I am finishing my CAS degree from the University at Albany in Educational Administration and Policy Studies. I have my SAS and SDA certification and am looking for an administrative job in a school district in the area. Keep me posted of any openings you might hear of.


Yattaw, Jim
I'm with the government... 

Yattaw, Joe
Identification Specialist ll (think CSI with fingerprints)
NYS Dept. of Criminal Justice (midnight shift, where all the action
is) 457-6056
The only way I can see my job ever helping out anyone is if you ever
get arrested in NYC and you can't get a hold of Matt Higgins, a phone
call to me could expedite your stay in New York City's wonderful central
booking jail cells.

Young, Margaret (Carter)
United States Postal Service.
Florin Branch 95829
(does anyone remember Cliff Claven from Cheers??)
If you want to know why your mailman sucks (Uncle Frank!!!), or where your check is,  I am your girl. I probably won't know the answers but I have working on my bs answers for almost 18 years.
If you need something mailed I would be happy to bring it in for you, but most of you will have to mail it to me first.
If you need any rubber bands or rubber fingers that may, or may not have "fallen off a truck", or your taxes dated for April 15th, we can talk later.