Colleen Bushnell Rides Cross-Country to Benefit Service Veterans


Colleen is a retired US Air Force Staff Sergeant from Troy who will embark on 4,200 mile bike ride this summer in support veterans causes. 

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Dear Bills family,

In the last decade, the U.S. has embarked on 10 military missions. Twenty-six percent of veterans serving in these operations reported having a service-connected disability. 

I have committed to helping disabled women veterans like me, by cycling 4,200 from Washington State to Washington D.C., over three months, because I witness the dire need for community- based support first-hand, as a single-parent and mother of two young children, and military sexual assault victim. 

On a daily basis, through my outreach and advocacy with women veterans around the nation, I meet young women veterans, some single parents, who were sexually assaulted in the military, and it destroyed their careers, families, and health. 

Many of them are waiting more than a year for the Veteranís Administration to approve their disability applications, yet they are clearly not able to work to maintain food, clothing and shelter. Too often, most consider suicide as a means to an end to their efforts to simply sustain themselves, and get much needed healthcare. I wish it wasnít so.

Some of these veterans donít have a fighting chance at reintegrating into our communities, without further tragedy. But, I canít help them alone and I need your help.

Will you consider a gift of $90, a dollar for each day of my journey, to support the Long Road Home project and our troops? I have committed to raise $5,000 by June 22nd, so that Iíll have what I need to do the ride. To donate, visit

Every day I endeavor this project, people tell me they wish they knew how they could help veterans like me. And I say, this a chance to help, if you would be so inclined. 

Believe me, every single donation, every bid of good tiding, every prayer is needed, and felt by me. 

I want to share the care and concern of my community of supporters, with the nation, while endeavor to do what sounds seemingly impossible at its face.

But, there is one thing I now know, for sure. Itís that I can survive, and prevail in the face of the most adverse circumstances. And I donít plan on stopping now. 

Warmest regards,