Bridget M. Finn, Ph.D. 

Seminar for Women

Revitalizing Sexual Passion and Desire: A fun and informative seminar for women wanting to revitalize the sexual passion and desire in their lives and relationships.  

Revitalizing sexual passion and desire within ourselves and in our intimate relationships is often a goal for women. This seminar will explore how we lose sight of the sexual passion and desire in our lives and relationships, the benefits of rekindling this, and will help you identify your own unique path back to sexual intimacy.

Presented by Bridget M. Finn, Ph.D. 
Saturday March 19, 2011    9:30 am -12:00 noon
Unitarian Universalist Church of Albany
405 Washington Avenue,
Albany, NY 12206

The fee for this seminar is $30. To register please email Dr. Finn at or call her at 215-237-1389.

Bridget M. Finn, Ph.D. is a sex therapist, educator and researcher with over twenty years of experience working with women and men around sexuality related concerns. Dr. Finn has a private Sex Therapy practice located in Latham, New York.