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                                            October 2008

Friends and Family:

Welcome to the 4th year of the Hancock’s participation in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Walk-a-thon.  As most of you may know, our son Ross has been living with Type I Diabetes for three full years now.  He is a very positive kid regardless of the ups and downs of his blood sugar he continues to live with on a daily basis.  Ross has just started 6th grade and continues to pursue Martial Arts – he just received his Brown Belt in Karate.  Ross also continues to use an insulin pump to receive his insulin with the occasional need for shots depending on the circumstances.   After having participated in the trials for the continuous glucose monitoring systems last year, Ross is looking forward to being the recipient of new and improved technology.  Our insurance carrier will provide Ross with a new pump next year, but your help in this fundraiser will continue the research and increase Ross’ chances of benefiting from a cure.  The technology of the pump was our first introduction to what research has meant to the people who live with Diabetes.  Ross knows first hand how the pump provides more freedom for him over shots but he will be the first to tell you that insulin is not a cure.  We are very proud of Ross for all he has accomplished all the while dealing with countless finger sticks and physical affects of dealing with high and low blood sugar at times.  With the many symptoms of Diabetes, Ross has to self regulate and monitor what he is doing at all times.  For 12 years old, he is doing a remarkable job managing his disease.    

Just in case you are unaware of the benefits that result from the Diabetes research efforts, let me share with you what we have been involved in directly.  Our family has taken part in some much needed research.  Ross’ Brother Ryan along with their two cousins Michael and Kevin participate in the Trial Net Study.  This research focuses on the genetic link and associated factors of Type I Diabetes.  Through an annual blood draw the blood is screened for certain anti-bodies that correlate to risk factors for Type I Diabetes. 

Whether you have supported Ross in the past walks, or this it the first you have ever heard of Type I Diabetes, the Hancock Family would really appreciate your support of this great cause.  We know first hand the benefits of the research JDRF supports.  We are asking you to also be part of that.  The Sacramento State Capitol walk site is filled with family fun!  The West Steps of the Capitol and 10th street in downtown will be convert into a huge outdoor party to celebrate the success of the Walk to Cure Diabetes.  There will be activities and performances and the walk is a free event.  Whether you are able to walk with us or not, any donation you can make will be greatly appreciated.  Donations can be made on line at www.jdrf.org ; just click on the ‘Donate’ link and search using Ross’ team name (‘Ross’ Raiders’) or by walker name; Ross Hancock.  If you prefer not to donate on line, you can mail a donation to the Hancock Home: 9637 Flame Tokay Way , Elk Grove, Ca. 95624.  Thank you for your support.    


The Hancock Family


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