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In Memoriam: Karen Carter  11/15/2015

A Call for Prayers from Mary Jane Marra  3/13/2015


In Memoriam: Patricia Finn 11/20/2014

In Memoriam: Dennis Bills  7/29/2014


Tim Higgins Gets Married  6/29/2013

In Memoriam: Joan Bills  2/11/2013


Andrew and Tracy Marra Have Baby Girl  12/31/2012

Brittany Higgins Gets Married  10/13/2012

Jim Yattaw Marries Diana Sieczkarski 10/11/2012 

Michael Young Graduates as Salutatorian 8/11/2012

Jacob Breda Hits the Big Two-Oh  8/8/2012

Bishop Matthew Clark to Retire (Rochester Democrat and Chronicle article) 7/14/2012

Matt Higgins Gets Married  6/30/2002

Megan Yattaw Graduates; Preps for SUNY Oneonta  6/26/2012

Colleen Bushnell Rides Cross Country for Veterans  5/24/2012


Valerie Cunha Has Baby Girl 10/24/2011

Jim Yattaw Engaged to Diana Sieczkarski   9/25/2011

Josh Richardson Publishes Novel  9/9/2011

The Sherwood Family Has Been Busy With Babies!  8/27/2011

Nell (Sherwood) Curran has Baby Girl  6/13/2011

Ryan Sherwood has Baby Boy  4/8/2011

Andrew Sherwood has Baby Girl  2/21/2011

Dan Currier Passes Emergency Medical Technician Exam  6/16/2011

Richard and Melissa Currier Have a Baby Girl  6/14/2011

Bridget Finn Announces Events for Women 2/23/2011


Andrew and Tracy Marra Welcome Baby Girl 12/2/2010

In Memoriam: Bob Marra 11/25/2010


Hancock Family Supports Diabetes Research 9/27/2009

Nell (Sherwood) Curran and Ryan Curran Have Baby Boy 8/28/2009

Trish Holland and Albert Adamo Have Baby Girl  8/26/2009

Julie and Jon Desso Have Baby Girl 8/8/2009

In Memoriam: Dick Bills 9/19/2009

Bills Among Siena College's Top Families 6/22/2009 

Jeff Yattaw Named League MVP in Baseball 6/22/2009

Jeff Yattaw named Business Review Student Leader 4/28/2009

Hancock Family Lung Association Walk-a-thon -- You can help! 4/27/2009

News from Lindsey Piattoly: Melissa Richardson, Chris Ware, Lindsey Piattoly 2/13/2009

A Hero's Welcome: Deanna Higgins Returns Home From Marines 3/15/2009 

Jeff Yattaw Garners First Team Accolades 2/22/2009

Berdar's Auto Service -- Profile in the Troy Record 2/23/2009 

Julie and Jon Desso Expecting First Child 1/7/2009 


In Memoriam: Jack Ryan 11/22/2008

In Memoriam: Dorothea Quackenbush 10/23/2008

Hancock Family Supports Diabetes Research 9/30/2008

David Bills Appointed to Superintendent Post 8/3/2008

Sean Carter Stars as Scarecrow in "Oz" Production 7/1/2008

Matthew Ball Promoted to Staff Sergeant 5/31/2008 

Daniel Ball is Engaged 5/31/2008

Brittany Higgins Graduates from Albany Pharmacy 5/13/2008

Liz Ryan is Engaged 5/13/2008

Andrew Marra named CFO 5/13/2008

Who Just Got Engaged -- Updated! 10/25/2007 updated 1/12/2008

Yattaw Brothers Shine in Alumni Tournament 1/7/2008


In Memoriam: William Barber 11/14/2007

Trish Holland and Albert Adamo Have Baby Girl 10/22/2007

Marion Billingham is Special Guest of Rosie O'Donnell 10/13/2007

Nick Petrizzo in Saratoga Racino Advertising Campaign 08/14/2007

Help the Hancock Family Make a Difference 08/20/2007

Robert Hancox Awaiting Birth of Son 08/15/2007

Julie Hancox Gets Married 11/24/2006

Sean Carter Earns Master's Degree 8/10/2007

In Memoriam: Frank Finn 6/17/2007

In Memoriam: Susan Carter 1/29/07


Nel and Dave Berdar Have Baby Girl  12/??/06

Deanna Higgins Interview in Troy Record 9/29/2006

Deanna Higgins Returns from 2nd Tour in Iraq 9/28/2006

Andrew Marra Passes Final Finance Exam 9/28/2006

Andrew Marra is Engaged 8/12/2006

The Castracani's Cape Code Vacation  Summer 2006

Sean and Monica Mahoney Have Baby Boy 4/25/2006

Dan and Emma Mahoney Have Baby Girl 1/17/2006

Melissa and Richard Currier Have Second Child 3/31/2006

Bridget (Finn) and Dan Brletich Welcome A Son 4/2/2006

Kathleen (Early) and Mark Grignon Have Baby Girl 3/15/2006

Lindsey Piattoly Performs at Hurricane Katrina Benefit 3/4/2006  

Deanna Higgins returns to Iraq for Second Tour 2/25/2006  

Dan and Becky Currier Have First Child 1/23/2006


Julie Hancox is Engaged to be Married 12/16/2005  

Jack and Petrina Castracani Have First Child 10/21/2005  

Christopher Ware Graduates 12/16/05 (details)

Andrew Marra Passes Second Finance Exam 8/22/05 (details)

Melissa Ware Marries Joshua Richardson 8/22/05 (details)

Tavis Piattoly earns Master's Degree  8/22/05 (details)

In Memoriam: Nelson L. Bills  9/8/05 (details)

Carters join Diabetes Walk to support Bills family member. You can help! 8/20/05 (details)

Mary Ellen Early Has Baby Boy 8/11/05 (details)

Richie and Amie Bills Have Twin Girls 8/10/05 (details)

Hancox Family News Update 8/10/05 

Julie Hancox earns master's degree (details)
Robert Hancox to join US Army (details)
Claire Hancox earns high school diploma (details)

Greg and Melissa Carter have baby girl 8/10/05 (details)

Deanna Higgins promoted to Lance Corporal 6/19/05 (details)

Nel and Dave Berdar have 2nd baby girl  6/3/05 (details)

Beth Carter: Our newest high school graduate  6/5/05 (details)

Melissa Ware earns English degree  5/20/05 (details)

Dan Currier Marries Rebecca Farnsworth 4/16/05 (details)


In Memoriam: George A. Cummins  9/12/04 (details)

Andrew Marra passes finance exam 8/11/2004 - (details)

Deanna Higgins promoted to Private First Class 6/15/2004 - (details)

Deanna Higgins joins U.S. Marines 4/23/2004 - (details)

2003 and prior

Rich and Melissa Currier have baby girl - (details)

Dan Currier Engagement Announced - (details

In Memoriam: Mary Beth Currier 10/8/2003 - (details)

Nel and Dave Berdar Have Baby Girl - (details

Greg and Melissa Carter Have 3rd Baby Boy - (details)

Lindsey Piattoly on European Singing Tour - (details)

In Memoriam: Audrey Bills - (details

Charles Carter earns degree in psychology (details)

Rich Currier Gets Married - (details)

Andrew Marra Graduates, Earns CPA - (details)

Nel Ryan Gets Married - (details)

Melissa Carter Graduates - (details)

Sean Carter Graduates - (details)

Matt Higgins at Ground Zero on 9/11 - (Times Union Article)

Bridget Finn Completes Post-Doctoral Training - (details)

John Holland has baby boy - (details and picture)
Higgins Family Travels to Hockey and Basketball State Championships (Community News article)
Deanna Higgins Stars for State Hoops Champ Shenendehowa  (Times Union article)

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