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October 2009

Dear Friends and Family:

This is the 5th year the Hancock Family will be participating in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Walk for a Cure. Our son, Ross has been living with Type I Diabetes for over four years now. This year was the beginning of middle school for Ross. As you can imagine, this came with lots of anxiety about managing his Diabetes in an entirely new environment. He was concerned that his new teachers would not be aware of the insulin pump he wears or his need to test his blood sugar. Nobody wants to feel different in 7th grade, but Ross keeps pushing ahead. There are days Ross wishes he did not have Diabetes, but that just energizes this family all the more to keep supporting the search for a cure. Ross had another major accomplishment recently, after training for almost 5 years he has obtained his black belt in Karate. Training in Martial Arts as a Diabetic has its challenges. Ross has to balance the exercise with food and insulin in order to remain safe while training. We are so proud of his willingness to not let Diabetes stand in his way.

Ross has participated in another trial for a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS). He has done this repeatedly to provide data to our insurance company that will substantiate the need to have CGMS be a covered benefit. Children are beginning to get CGMS as a covered benefit but we have yet to get Ross access to this very costly technology. Once we do, it would allow him to intervene prior to having very high or very low blood sugar via constant monitoring of his blood sugar through a site that remains in the body.

Ross relies on his brother Ryan and cousins, Michael and Kevin to participate in the Trial Net Study. The focus of the research is on the genetic link and associated factors of Type I Diabetes. Through an annual blood draw the blood is screened for certain anti-bodies that correlate to risk factors for Type I Diabetes. So far, none of the other boys have the anti-body and we sure appreciate the extended commitment to the study. This study is just one way that continued research will lead us to a cure.

The technology of the pump was our first introduction to what research has meant to the people who live with Diabetes. Ross knows first hand how the pump provides more freedom for him over shots, but Ross knows all to well that insulin is not a cure. Whether you have supported Ross in the past, or this is the first you have ever heard of Type I Diabetes, The Hancock Family would greatly appreciate your support for JDRF and their search for a cure.

Donations can be made on line at www.jdrf.org by clicking on the ’Donate’ link and search using Ross’ team name (Ross’ Raiders). If you prefer not to donate on line you can mail a donation to the Hancock Home at: 9637 Flame Tokay Way, Elk Grove, Ca. 95624. Thank you for your support.


The Hancock Family


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